Women’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development (WELD) Programme

The programme works with service providers promoting entrepreneurship development (financial, non-financial, public, private, associative, freelance etc.) and builds their capacity to better support women entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. It also works towards creating a more positive enabling environment for WELD, by supporting assessments of the situation, and working with governments and policy makers to remove the specific gender barriers that women entrepreneurs may face.

In the area of management training ,Valucon has training tools that cover the whole spectrum of target groups from illiterate micro entrepreneurs to growth oriented small and medium scale entrepreneurs.

The main target clientele are start-ups, micro and small businesses The Training of Entrepreneurs (ToE) cycle has the following components:

Start and Grow Your Business (SAGB) is currently our flagship business management training programme with a focus on starting and growing businesses in a sustainable manner as a strategy for creating more and better employment for women and men

Let us work with you to deliver your aspirations by profound financial decisions, ideal ventures, accurate market speculations and professional guidance.

It doesn’t have to be a one-man show when we are just a call away. Let us help you obtain results in diverse arms of entrepreneurship.

We have unwavering faith in your ability to grow irrespective of your business size. Let’s help maximise your resources, train, & build your human capital.